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1st Place -

Visit the Winner

The header you see at the top of this page is a template! It took us about 2 minutes to resize a design and put in our info using a .psd template! We loved reviewing - here's why: They sell a large package of 300 (+ bonuses) DIY website templates which you can mix and match the images, change the text, resize them or do anything you want to any of the designs. We found there was an excellent range of headers in the pack and they were professionally designed yet easy to modify even for a newbie - they come with both PSD (photoshop) and JPEG (any graphics editor) templates. Unlike other templates we reviewed, the ones have no licensing requirements allowing you to use them on all websites including commercial projects PLUS, if you are into selling things, you are able to resell one or all designs!

And another great thing about the package is the price. At the time of review, they had just decreased their price and were discussing raising soon after. They were also offering customers a discount just for recommending them on their Facebook page!

The only negatives we could find was their boring sales page and the fact that the package takes a long time to download (it's over 200MB). Still we have no hesitations in giving our Gold Medal and feel that they are a class above everyone else.

Congratulations to - Visit the Winner


2nd Place - Website Headers

Website Headers

We reviewed the static header service and for a paid service, we found Website Headers to be quite good. The banner was for a brand new website so we let the Website Headers team be creative for us and we found the end result to be a very clean and professional design. The good things with these guys are that you can choose your banner size and content requirements and their service is fast (usually less than 2 days). We didn't mind paying the $35 (animated banners are availble for more) as it was being used on a commercial project but found it annoying that the price does not include any revisions to the final design and doesn't include the PSD file so we can modify it immediately or in the future (costs more for these 'options', take pot-luck otherwise).

So in summary, the Wesite Headers custom banner was good quality but only just scraped into our Silver Medal position because of the lack of revision/modification options at the cheaper price.


3rd Place - Free Web Header Templates

Use instead

There are literally thousands of very, very similar free header sites online today. Free Web Header Templates only just made our top three simply because of their larger range of templates than everyone else. So in essence, we will review ALL free template sites in this review - they all have free templates (duh!) but we found them to be mostly low quality, cropped photographs with the occassional semi-professional design thrown in. Most of the designs have no text or layered graphics which doesn't matter too much because they only come in .jpg format. And then to top it off, nearly ALL free header templates are covered by a Creative Commons License meaning you can't use them on commercial websites unless you pay a fee to the owner.

So at the end of the day we are probably saying feel free to use a free template if you want a low-quality design that you can't use anywhere!



Thank you for visiting us. Please accept this free website template just for visiting our website (both .psd and .jpg included).

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